From the depth of the ocean,

To the limitless sky,

I have loved you more than my own life.
You said, to be there with me always,

You promised to hold my hand,

But a single wave swayed it all away.
You love me, this I know,

I love you too, only God knows.

I want you to be mine,

Yet I don’t want anyone in my life.
The memories of past,

Come to steal my night’s sleep.

The little hope that remained, also vanished.
You want to give me your love,

But how am I to trust you? Or anyone?

I swear, I would have given anything for you,

But darling, I have become numb to “feelings”.
No medicine can do it,

No shoulder can take away the pain.

Loneliness is what I have gained.
Right now, I want to be all alone,

So understand me, my love,

I’ll come back,

For you I will,

As soon as I’ll win over myself.
(Author’s note : It’s okay if you want to be alone. It’s okay, if you want to be loved but not want to be loved at the same time. Give yourself time…time will heal every wound. But in the midst of all, just don’t forget to love yourself. You’re a gem and you’re irreplaceable)


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