To my bestfriend!

The beauty you store in your witty mind,

Those dimples of yours embrace your smile.

That loving, caring, sharing, heart of yours,

Could turn happiness immortal.

The sound of you laughing can cheer the dead.

Girl, you’re a gift he gave to earth on June 23th.
From a day, to a week,

To a month, and for years.

You stood beside me,

Held me, to never let me fall.

Making me smile in most difficult times.
All those nights you kept yourself wide awake,

To prepare me for the coming day,

To prepare me to fight my way,

Even though you yearn for sleep.
There was that time,

We were great enemies.

Fighting over something, that now means nothing.

Stamping of foots, and the screaming matches,

You were always the one to win.
Even those fights hold a special place,

They made us what we are today.

But don’t forget Manali and Shimla,

They were the best of days.
All these memories we will carry into old age and then in our graves,

In afterlife we will meet once again,

And relive those memories again.

Now that we have walked a long way,

But don’t be content just yet my friend,

Still there’s your birthday left to celebrate.

(P.S – dedicated to my bestfriend Khushboo, who was always there with me in all my difficult times. Who showed me the way whenever I was incapable of finding one by myself. Happy birthday bestfriend. I love you❤)


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