Let her spread her wings,
Empower her, to explore the winds.
Let her fall, let her find her own way.

Let her commit mistakes,

And teach herself to obey.
Let her run,

Embracing the sun,

Let her fly,

High into the sky.
But be with her all the time,

For you are the one she needs to guide her.

Support her! Show her that you love!

Without stopping her from moving forward.
Yes there will be challenges,

Yes there will be high times,

Yes she will cry,

And of course she will break.
And that will be the time,

When your role you play.

Don’t let her break,

Don’t let her run away,

Instead help her stand again.
Just know, she is different,

Her dream is to fly.

She is God’s angel, your princess.

Don’t enclose her life like a lion’s in a cage.
Don’t force her to follow societal norms!

‘Cause she is different,

And her dream is to fly!

She asks for your permission,

Oh! So much she wants you to oblige.

For she loves you,

So please oblige, And let her fly!

Just let her fly!

High into the sky.


9 thoughts on “LET HER FLY!

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  1. Didn’t really see this piece of writing till today, but now that I have, it has clearly stuck a chord. Amazingly drafted Shruti! More power to you.


    Liked by 1 person

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