Fears came true? (The End)

They were there. HE, the one she loved, her boyfriend. And SHE, the one she loved, her best friend.

The scene in front, left her stunned, her hand slid down towards her belly.

To protect it, it seems, from approaching storm.

She saw drops of blood trickling from the knife in his hand.

He turned to look at her. Her shivering voice made him aware of her presence.

The eyes in which she always saw love, care and affection were nowhere to be found, instead they were now dark and hungry. Hungry to take life out of her best friend’s body.

She could see in his eyes, A Monster. A Monster who is capable of hurting anyone.  A Monster, hungry of lives.

He once told her about his secret fantasies. But only if she had dared to ask him about them, this might be avoided.

SHE, her best friend was lying unconsciously on the floor, all covered in blood.

He turned towards the corpse.

Her eyes widen when he raised a knife to stab her best friend, again.

“Noooooooo” she screamed and rushed towards him, to stop this disaster. But one stroke of his hand and in seconds, she was on ground. 

Her hand reached for her belly. It was now or never.

Today she has to save two lives.

One of her unborn and another of herself.

Also, she has to avenge her best friend. She reached for the stone nearby, gathers courage and aimed it towards him.

The stone did its  work. He was now lying on floor. She took the knife from him. What should she do now? If she leaves him alive, he will come for them again. But how could she kill the one she loved? Yet her decision was made! She has to do this. She has to avenge the murder of her childhood friend. And so, she stabs him. Again and, again and, again. Like a maniac.

Until, she hears her name, and the door creaks open.
“Avianna?” Avianna’s mother enters her bedroom.

“Avianna!” She exclaimed in shock.

“Oh my God, Avianna. What are you doing? From where did you get that knife?” her mother run towards her and took the knife from her hand.

“Come honey, come here. Don’t be afraid. No one’s going to hurt you dear.” her mother said.

Her tears were evidence of what her 15years old daughter has become.

“Come honey, stand up. We have to go see your psychiatrist.”
She switch off the lights, and takes Avianna out of the room, which is now VACANT

(The End)


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  1. The way this turned out is totally unexpected🙄😍 and the ending left me speechless.. couldn’t have been better than this! You did complete justice to this!😍

    Liked by 1 person

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