After what seems like ages I heard his voice,

Jingle it sounded to my ears,

water it was for my deserted heart.

Same sweetness, same sensation,

And that power it still holds on me,

Made me forget every word I memorized before calling.
Peaceful it was to hear that beautiful sound,

58sec was all it was about. 

Cool & calm outside! War going on inside!

All that was buried deep down my soul,

Came all alive. 
Breathing is heavy, hands are shaking,

And my heartbeats are accelerating. 

Eyes are wet with a smile on my lips,

And sense of satisfaction on finger tips.
Every memory flashed in front of my eyes,

It was petty bit of seconds what it took me to realize.

He said that he will talk to me later, 

And left me with my stupid heart, 

To which now I will have to explain,

That it was just a polite gesture.

And that it will never happen. 

It was just a lie, just a beautiful lie.
Maybe one day he will come to me, 

Maybe someday he will realize, 

That I was the one for him.

I just hope if it has to be this way,

It just doesn’t take too long,

For no one knows what surprises life has on its way.


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