Reminiscing Past

Reminiscing the days spend with you, 
All those laughters & the joy.

Glancing in the gallery,

Looking back at you.

Wish you become real,

In a dream of mine. 
How can you forget me so easily? 

When I can’t even stop staring,

Back at the memories.

Oh memories! So much they can do, 

One minute I’m crying, another I’m laughing. 

But pain is what leaves me shattered in the end. 
Do you trust her the way you trusted me? 

Does that girl understand you the way I used to? 

Will you talk to me if I try coming back to you? 
Remembering the day when you dedicated a song to me, 

You thought I was the one to release your pain. 

Remembering the best day of my life, 

You said you weren’t leaving,

The curve on my face said it all. 
My craving for you is increasing, 

Love is what makes me want to pull you back. 

Never knew this day would come so soon.
It seems like everything we had is now lost, 

But baby! No one can touch what I saved within me.


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