Let her spread her wings,
Empower her, to explore the winds.
Let her fall, let her find her own way.

Let her commit mistakes,

And teach herself to obey.
Let her run,

Embracing the sun,

Let her fly,

High into the sky.
But be with her all the time,

For you are the one she needs to guide her.

Support her! Show her that you love!

Without stopping her from moving forward.
Yes there will be challenges,

Yes there will be high times,

Yes she will cry,

And of course she will break.
And that will be the time,

When your role you play.

Don’t let her break,

Don’t let her run away,

Instead help her stand again.
Just know, she is different,

Her dream is to fly.

She is God’s angel, your princess.

Don’t enclose her life like a lion’s in a cage.
Don’t force her to follow societal norms!

‘Cause she is different,

And her dream is to fly!

She asks for your permission,

Oh! So much she wants you to oblige.

For she loves you,

So please oblige, And let her fly!

Just let her fly!

High into the sky.

Fears came true? (The End)

They were there. HE, the one she loved, her boyfriend. And SHE, the one she loved, her best friend.

The scene in front, left her stunned, her hand slid down towards her belly.

To protect it, it seems, from approaching storm.

She saw drops of blood trickling from the knife in his hand.

He turned to look at her. Her shivering voice made him aware of her presence.

The eyes in which she always saw love, care and affection were nowhere to be found, instead they were now dark and hungry. Hungry to take life out of her best friend’s body.

She could see in his eyes, A Monster. A Monster who is capable of hurting anyone.  A Monster, hungry of lives.

He once told her about his secret fantasies. But only if she had dared to ask him about them, this might be avoided.

SHE, her best friend was lying unconsciously on the floor, all covered in blood.

He turned towards the corpse.

Her eyes widen when he raised a knife to stab her best friend, again.

“Noooooooo” she screamed and rushed towards him, to stop this disaster. But one stroke of his hand and in seconds, she was on ground. 

Her hand reached for her belly. It was now or never.

Today she has to save two lives.

One of her unborn and another of herself.

Also, she has to avenge her best friend. She reached for the stone nearby, gathers courage and aimed it towards him.

The stone did its  work. He was now lying on floor. She took the knife from him. What should she do now? If she leaves him alive, he will come for them again. But how could she kill the one she loved? Yet her decision was made! She has to do this. She has to avenge the murder of her childhood friend. And so, she stabs him. Again and, again and, again. Like a maniac.

Until, she hears her name, and the door creaks open.
“Avianna?” Avianna’s mother enters her bedroom.

“Avianna!” She exclaimed in shock.

“Oh my God, Avianna. What are you doing? From where did you get that knife?” her mother run towards her and took the knife from her hand.

“Come honey, come here. Don’t be afraid. No one’s going to hurt you dear.” her mother said.

Her tears were evidence of what her 15years old daughter has become.

“Come honey, stand up. We have to go see your psychiatrist.”
She switch off the lights, and takes Avianna out of the room, which is now VACANT

(The End)

Fears came true?

It was all dark. Pin drop silence all around. She could hear the sound of water drops pouring down from the roof above.

“What was she doing in such a place?” she thought.

The uneasiness in her heart was increasing with each step she took.

Strange! Right?

“Okay! I don’t know what am I doing here, but it’s time to go now.”

But as she turns back, she heard it.

Sounds other than that of water droplets.
She somehow knew that she doesn’t want to  know what sound it is of. The fear of the unknown was engulfing her in dismay.

But her legs have other plans altogether.
She started towards the sound.

“Don’t proceed”

“Keep moving”

“You don’t want to know the sound”

“You NEED to know what the sound is of”

With this battle going on within her, she knew that there is no going back now. With deep breaths she gathered some courage and started her pursuit.
With every step she took, sounds got louder.

Now there was a door in front of her.

“What the hell?”

It was not just sounds, it was screaming!

A girl screaming for help!

Puzzled what to do next. She ran towards the door and smashed it open.

The scene in front of her left her bewildered.

She could not believe what she is seeing.

They were there. HE, the one she loved, her boyfriend. And SHE, the one she loved, her best friend.


(to be continued)


After what seems like ages I heard his voice,

Jingle it sounded to my ears,

water it was for my deserted heart.

Same sweetness, same sensation,

And that power it still holds on me,

Made me forget every word I memorized before calling.
Peaceful it was to hear that beautiful sound,

58sec was all it was about. 

Cool & calm outside! War going on inside!

All that was buried deep down my soul,

Came all alive. 
Breathing is heavy, hands are shaking,

And my heartbeats are accelerating. 

Eyes are wet with a smile on my lips,

And sense of satisfaction on finger tips.
Every memory flashed in front of my eyes,

It was petty bit of seconds what it took me to realize.

He said that he will talk to me later, 

And left me with my stupid heart, 

To which now I will have to explain,

That it was just a polite gesture.

And that it will never happen. 

It was just a lie, just a beautiful lie.
Maybe one day he will come to me, 

Maybe someday he will realize, 

That I was the one for him.

I just hope if it has to be this way,

It just doesn’t take too long,

For no one knows what surprises life has on its way.

Reminiscing Past

Reminiscing the days spend with you, 
All those laughters & the joy.

Glancing in the gallery,

Looking back at you.

Wish you become real,

In a dream of mine. 
How can you forget me so easily? 

When I can’t even stop staring,

Back at the memories.

Oh memories! So much they can do, 

One minute I’m crying, another I’m laughing. 

But pain is what leaves me shattered in the end. 
Do you trust her the way you trusted me? 

Does that girl understand you the way I used to? 

Will you talk to me if I try coming back to you? 
Remembering the day when you dedicated a song to me, 

You thought I was the one to release your pain. 

Remembering the best day of my life, 

You said you weren’t leaving,

The curve on my face said it all. 
My craving for you is increasing, 

Love is what makes me want to pull you back. 

Never knew this day would come so soon.
It seems like everything we had is now lost, 

But baby! No one can touch what I saved within me.

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