और फिर, एक दिन आएगा…


बहती हवाओं की तरह यूँ ही निकल जाऐगा समय,
छोड़ा था जो तेरा हाथ उसने,
तू खुद ही थाम ले अब उसे।

थाम के रख खुद का हाथ,
और देख, खुदा भी देगा तेरा साथ,
समेट लेगा वो तुझे अपने आगोश में।

और फिर, एक दिन आएगा,
कि तू खुद ही संभल पाएगा,
और दर्द से जुदा हो जाएगा।

Finding love…


I started my journey to find love!
Visited parks, coffee houses, malls and even some clubs.
Fingers whined to intertwine,
When I saw a couple passing by.
Wanted to feel what love is,
What it is like to have stretched eye contacts,
Going on dates and chatting for hours.
Wanted to feel, what it’s like to forget all my scars.

Mornings turned into nights, nights into mornings,
Weeks into months and months into years.
Until one day, I met someone.
He flirted, I smiled.
He liked, I loved.
He laughed, I cried.
How easy it was to mock me!
How easy it was to deepen my scars.

My scars scream a thousand words,
They scream for help,
They scream for love.
They scream to be heard,
In this world of the deaf.

Glowing face bloomed on the land….


Glowing face bloomed on the land,
Growing up as a tall, muscular man.
Tapping foot on mud below, thinking,
‘Why everything good has to end?’

Rain and wind and trees are his raconteurs today,
Marking land with his heart-throbbing tale.
Rapprochement with pain was never a child’s play,
Walking down the aisle supporting his daughter who was in pain,
Reminded him of his mother who never lived to witness his fame.

Now he sat next to their grave,
When he heard an egg crack.
‘Life is not that bad’, he thought at last,
As he saw sparrow’s head emerge.
There came another beauty and yet another,
Glowing face bloomed on the land.

Let Falcon cry?


Failures are stepping stones of success they say.
But, failures break your esteem
They laugh, they make fun of you,
You hide in a corner of sorrow, crying
Thinking of ending this precious life
That’s when a falcon flies by.
Bringing a ray of light.

This falcon can be your sister, your mother, or even a friend.
All you need to do is to follow this ray of light,
All you choose is to close your eyes.

You cry, cry and cry a bit more
Tangled hair makes you look like a ghost.
You scream, scream and scream a bit more
Making yourselves a surly monster.

Then comes time when you revolt.
Some fight and conquer the world
Some let their fear to take over.
Giving up is the only memory they are left with
They make their falcon cry,
For it was one who tried to show them light.

You have to make your own choice.
Either you make your falcon cry or be someone’s falcon someday.
Choose wisely for you won’t get another try.
We get life once, so take your time.

Because I dream to ‘not’ be one of them!


Because I dream to ‘not’ be one of them,
Them, who lock themselves with fear.
Because I am different, I am a Gem,
One day I will make the world cheer.

Them, who lock themselves with fear,
Will also stand and look up at the sky.
One day I will make the world cheer,
Oh yes, Oh yes one day I will fly.

Will also stand and look up at the sky,
That’s when universe will be my crown.
Oh yes, Oh yes one day I will fly,
And that day my crippled leg won’t let me down.

That’s when universe will be my crown,
Because I am different, I am a Gem.
And that day my crippled leg won’t let me down,
Because I dream to ‘not’ be one of them.

Dear Bestfriend….


Lucky are those who know what friendship is,
To find a soulmate in a friend makes us whole.
Not everyone is blessed enough to find one though,
Oh Thank God I found one, years ago.

She’s the one who made me who I am today,
She taught me how to love myself.
She embraced my scars as her own,
She taught me to laugh.

I don’t say it often,
Let my pen speak to you though,
I am no one if it weren’t for you,
You pick me whenever I fall,
You are my light, my spell, my alcohol.

They say that I am an extrovert,
Tell them please how big of an introvert I am.
For people, I might be a beast,
But you know the real me.
Me no one else know or will ever know,
Because you are special and always will be.

Please bear me for some 100 years or so,
For I don’t know my life without you dumbo.
I am there with you until we’re grey and cold.

Author’s Note:
[“Meri zindagi sawaari mujhko gale laga ke,
Baitha diya falak pe mujhe khaak se utha ke.
Mere dil ki ye dua hai, kabhi dur tu na jaaye,
Tere bina ho jeena, vo din kabhi na aaye.”

I dedicate every syllable of this song to you. Every word is true when I think of you.
You make me whole.
I love you Shivani.]



From the depth of the ocean,
To the limitless sky,
I have loved you more than my own life.

You said, to be there with me always,
You promised to hold my hand,
But a single wave swayed it all away.

You love me, this I know,
I love you too, only God knows.
I want you to be mine,
Yet I don’t want anyone in my life.

The memories of past,
Come to steal my night’s sleep.
The little hope that remained, also vanished.

You want to give me your love,
But how am I to trust you? Or anyone?
I swear, I would have given anything for you,
But darling, I have become numb to “feelings”.

No medicine can do it,
No shoulder can take away the pain.
Loneliness is what I have gained.

Right now, I want to be all alone,
So understand me, my love,
I’ll come back,
For you I will,
As soon as I’ll win over myself.

(Author’s note : It’s okay if you want to be alone. It’s okay, if you want to be loved but not want to be loved at the same time. Give yourself time…time will heal every wound. But in the midst of all, just don’t forget to love yourself. You’re a gem and you’re irreplaceable)


Okay! So first of all I would like to thank somyapuri for nominating me for a “Real Neat Blog Award”! She is an incredible writer and a wonderful person, do visit her blog, you will love it.


  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  • Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
  • Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog, etc).
  • Ask your nominees 7 questions.


Questions asked by somya:

1.  If you have to recommend books to someone, which books will it be ?

There are so many books I will want to recommend, but as to select from the lot, I’ll suggest:

1) “Wings of Fire”, it’s an autobiography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It a very motivational book.

2) Brida by Paulo Coelho. This book can change read’s life in a very positive way, and can uplift a person.

2.  Which quote will you use to describe yourself ?

Well,  I haven’t come cross any particular quote which I think describes me, but I can mention some of my favourites.
“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts.”

“People need stories. Stories of love, hope, survival, wisdom and sometimes pain. Maybe you don’t tell them the full truth; maybe you tell them lies. But what is this world? A lie in itself.”
“When feelings are pure and the heart is true, even God is forced to change destiny.”
I relate with all of these. Specially the 3rd one.

3.  What will you choose- Fly like a bird or swim like a fish ?

Fly like a bird. I would love to explore different parts of the world, I can reach otherwise.

4.  What is your greatest motivation ?

Someone trusting me. Believing in me, that yes, she can do it. One such person is my father.

5.  If you could listen to only one song on repeat, which one will it be?

It keeps on changing. But if I have to choose one, it would be ‘Atrangi Yaari’ from the movie ‘Wazir’. This song was dedicated to me by a very special friend therefore, it’s very close to my heart. I can never get tired of listening to it.

6. Coffee or Tea ?

Coffee for sure.

7. What do you notice first while talking to a person ?

That if a person is friendly and confident while speaking.


My Nominees:

– Plucking of my Heartstrings

– What Living Taught Me

– The Nobody’s Guide to India

– The Promise to Oneself

– imaginateweb

– mahikapant

My 7 Questions For My Nominees:

1) What is your greatest fear?

2) If you could be invisible for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?

3) What will you prefer? Sit alone in a room reading or go out partying.

4) Which one is your favorite book/novel? Why?

5) What is your biggest dream?

6) You prefer digital reading (PDF, kindle, etc) or traditional (buying or renting books)?

7) Which is your favourite season and why?

Thank you again somya, it was time consuming but was worth participating. Hopefully my nominees will also enjoy answering these questions.

Thank you,

Shruti 🙂 

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